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Clark County Close Up (03/08/14)
Inmate Release Programs, Transparency Button on Web, Interview Regarding Update of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan, Volunteering Opportunities for Park Projects, 2014 Spirit of Clark County Award Winner Profiles
Clark County Close Up (01/18/14)
New County Parks Organization, Environmental Internships, Interview with the Chair of the Clark County Board of Freeholders, Permit Counter Service Improvements, 2013 Clark County Fair Recap
Clark County Close Up (12/08/13)
Programs to Help with Homelessness in Clark County, Winter Driving Tips, Interview with Public Health Director Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County Board of Freeholders, Whipple Creek Restoration
Clark County Close Up (11/01/13)
In-Person Assister, Adjusted Hours for Permit Center, Interview with County Administrator Mark McCauley, Controlling the Feral Cat Population in Clark County, Community Pride Design Awards
Clark County Close Up (09/29/13)
General Election 2013, District Court Accepts Electronic Documents, Interview about Home Rule Process and Advisory Votes, Carbon Monoxide Dangers, Yard Debris Collection Rates Decrease while Improving the Environment
Clark County Close Up (08/23/13)
Clark County Arts Commission Lifetime Achievement Award - Austin Barton, Special Events at the 78th Street Heritage Farm, Farewell Interview with Bill Barron, Waived Permitting Fees, Tribute to Bill Barron
Clark County Close Up (07/19/13)
Upcoming Major Road Projects, Freeholder Elections, Interview about the Commission on Aging, Clark County Fair, County PIO Office Receives Communications Awards
Clark County Close Up (06/14/13)
Bioterrorism Attack Readiness Exercise, The Steps for a Healthy Lawn, Interview about Streamlining the Permitting Process, Earth-Friendly Garden Tour, Cedar Creek Grist Mill Preservation
Clark County Close Up (05/11/13)
Household Hazardous Waste, New "Smart" Boilers, Interview with new Superior Court Judge David Gregerson, No Park Parking Fees, Make Every Day Earth Day Awards
Clark County Close Up (04/06/13)
Housing Preservation Programs, Community Gardening Opportunities, Interview about the Juvenile Justice Initiative, Waste Reduction Challenge, Spirit of Clark County
Clark County Close Up (03/02/13)
Lean Permitting, State of the County Address, Interview about Jail Safety, Spring Volunteer Opportunities, Benefits of Native Plants
Clark County Close Up (12/22/12)
Emergency Preparedness, Green Neighbors Website, Interview with Clark County Adminsitrator Bill Barron, Adopt-a-Road Program, NE Hazel Dell Neighborhood Association Youth Holiday Party
Clark County Close Up (11/06/12)
Public Works Prepares for Winter Conditions, Flu Shots, Interview about Equestrian Plan, CVTV Video On-Demand Programming, Community Pride Design Awards
Clark County Close Up (09/24/12)
Partnerships for Healthy Neighborhoods, Clark County Recycling Directory, Interview about the Community Framework Plan, Batteries Added to Traffic Signals, Chief for a Day
Clark County Close Up (08/11/12)
Clark County Assessor's Office, Register Early for the General Election, Interview about Roadside Agricultural Stands, Summer Road Construction, Developmental Disabilities Employment Program
Clark County Close Up (07/01/12)
Lewis River - Vancouver Lake Water Trail Plan, Clark County Scenic Drive, Interview about Three Creeks Community Partners, 75th Anniversary of the Chkalov Flight Documentary, Horse Neglect, Clark County Scenic Drive (Spanish)
Clark County Close Up (05/19/12)
Safe Communities Task Force, Maintaining a Septic System, Interview with the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Luke Jensen Sports Park, County Works to Reduce Our Waste
Clark County Close Up (04/16/12)
Upcoming Transportation Improvements, Prescription Discount Card, Interview about Homelessness and Homeless Services, On-Line Property Tax Payments, Parks Volunteer Program, On-Line Property Tax Payments (Spanish), Prescription Discount Card (Spanish)
Clark County Close Up (02/26/12)
Comprehensive Plan Health Element, Luke Jensen Sports Park, Interview about Clark County Volunteer Opportunities, 2012 Transportation Improvement Projects, Spirit of Clark County Awards