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Clark County Close Up (11/06/09)
Two Road Projects to Stimulate Economic Development and Jobs, Highway 99 Bridge Award, Interview with the Retiring Judge Robert Harris, H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccinations, Jury Duty
Clark County Close Up (10/03/09)
Weatherization, Flu Shots, Interview on the Future of Regional Parks, Leaf Coupons, Innovative Ways to Manage Stormwater
Clark County Close Up (09/04/09)
78th Street/WSU Property, Most Clark County Retailers Refuse Tobacco Sales to Minors, H1N1 Swine Flu Interview with the Clark County Health Officer, Schooltime Traffic Safety, Clark County Diversity Program Achievement Award
Clark County Close Up (08/01/09)
Bike and Pedestrian Trails, New Parks Under Construction, Interview with the new Clark County Fair Manager, Water Safety at Local Parks, Clark County Fair Environmental Exhibit
Clark County Close Up (07/04/09)
Energy Efficiency Efforts, County Parks Season Parking Pass, Interview with the New Juvenile Court Administrator, Clark County Historical Museum Walking Tours, Sammy Awards
Clark County Close Up (06/05/09)
Treasurer's Office, Board of Commissioners Evening Meetings, Interview about Changes to the County Budget, Motorcycle Safety, Domestic Violence Prosecution Center
Clark County Close Up (05/02/09)
Video Arraignments, Clark County Scenic Drive, Swine Flu Update, Economic Impact on Social Services, Habitat ReStore and CREAM, Septic System Inspection Improvements
Clark County Close Up (04/05/09)
Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, 2009 Noxious Weed List, Interview with New Community Planning Director, New Waste Transfer Station, Clark County Tourism Awards
Clark County Close Up (02/28/09)
Clark County Economic Development, Boater Education Classes, Interview with New County Commissioner Tom Mielke, Take Back Medication Program, Spirit of Clark County Awards
Clark County Close Up (02/01/09)
Highway 99 Plan, New Road Atlas, Interview about Property Assessments, Electronics Disposal, Our Personal Best: Public Works
Clark County Close Up (01/03/09)
Stormwater Ordinance Update, Family Law Center Annex, Interview about the Clark County Budget, State of the County, Video Phones
Clark County Close Up (12/05/08)
Community Pride Design Awards, Flu Shots, Commissioner Betty Sue Morris Interview, Canines for Clean Water, Our Personal Best: Elections Office
Clark County Close Up (11/07/08)
Camp Bonneville Update, Highway 99 Subarea Plan, Mental Health Resources Interview, CERT Training/36 Hour Preparedness, Commute Trip Reduction Program
Clark County Close Up (10/10/08)
Watershed Stewards Program, Leaf Coupon, Active Farm Community Interview, Voter Registration, Community Share Fair
Clark County Close Up (09/05/08)
Curtain Creek Wetlands Restoration, Disaster Preparedness, Clark County Amphitheater, Clark County Fair, Voting In Clark County
Clark County Close Up (08/01/08)
New Regional Parks, Mediation Services, Interview with the Public Health Director, Clark County Public Works New Shift Times, Crime Scene Investigation Course
Clark County Close Up (07/05/08)
On-Line Environmental Permitting Process, Resources for Horse Owners, Interview with the Clark County Auditor, Upcoming Clark County Fair, Visions of Recovery Art Contest
Clark County Close Up (05/31/08)
Klineline Bridge Replacement, Mobile Hazardous Waste Collections, Interview about the County's Latest Green Initiatives, Noxious Garlic Mustard Weed, Sammy Award Profiles
Clark County Close Up (05/04/08)
Sheriff's Citizens Academy, Crime Mapper, Interview with the New Continuity of Operations (COOP) Coordinator, Bug Book, Juvenile Court
Clark County Close Up (04/05/08)
Public Health Advisory Council, Protect Local County Parks, "Meth Tax" Interview, Agricultural Practices Brochure, ADA Committee