About Us

CVTV OperationsClark/Vancouver Television (CVTV) is an award-winning government access cable channel that has been producing programming since 1983. CVTV's mission is to educate and raise awareness of local government and community issues and events for the citizens of Vancouver and Clark County by demonstrating open government, promoting community identity and encouraging public participation.

The City/County Cable Television Office, which operates as a joint agency of City and County government, produces and airs all CVTV programming. CVTV staff is part of the Communications Division of the Vancouver City Manager's Office.


CVTV programming includes live coverage of local government meetings and hearings; live coverage of local agencies' board meetings (i.e., Port of Vancouver, City-Events1C-TRAN); candidate debates, forums, and interviews for local elections; programming highlighting City and County government initiatives and activities; interviews with local government officials; and special features promoting events and activities in Vancouver and Clark County.

Where you can find us

CVTV and CVTV2 are available to Comcast and CenturyLink cable subscribers throughout Clark County - channels 23 (323 HD) and 21 on Comcast and channels 8021 (8521 HD) and 8020 (8520 HD) on CenturyLink. Programming is also available live on cvtv.org, which includes an archive of programs available on demand.

2019 Final Calendar

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