Real Vancouver

Meet the people, discover the places and unravel the history that makes us uniquely Vancouver. Grab your coffee (or tea) sit back and enjoy this new, slightly longer mini-documentary format. We hope you’ll be surprised, delighted and inspired by the city we call home.

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Real Vancouver: Crafting Cocktails (03-21-19)

Vancouver's bar and nightlife scene is growing! In this edition of Real Vancouver, we introduce you to the crafters behind three of Vancouver's new cocktail establishments: Grocery Cocktail & Social, Little Conejo and UnderBar. Cheers!

Real Vancouver: Coffee Roasters (01-04-19)

Sit back and warm up to the unique flavor and artistry behind three Vancouver coffee roasters, Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters, Kafiex Roasters and Relevant Coffee in the latest episode of Real Vancouver.

Real Vancouver: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (10-01-18)

Grab your coffee or tea, sit back and be reminded of the many reasons we are proud to call Vancouver home! In this episode, we introduce you to the talented musicians behind The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Real Vancouver: Musicians (07-06-18)

Vancouver is home to many artists who perform and record music throughout the region. Meet three local musicians who are taking part in the community's burgeoning live music scene in the latest episode of Real Vancouver.

Real Vancouver: Cycling (05-04-18)

Vancouver's nimble cycling community continues to grow! Meet some of our local advocates and passionate cycling enthusiasts in the latest episode of Real Vancouver. Exploring the places, unraveling the history and introducing the people who make Vancouver unique. Featuring: Bike Clark County.

Real Vancouver: Farm to Table (03-04-18)

Learn more about Vancouver’s slow food movement, including local farms delivering fresh, seasonal ingredients to restaurants throughout our community.  Featuring: Slow Food Southwest Washington, Sprout & Blossom Farm and Nonavo Pizza.

Real Vancouver: Making Music (01-01-18)

Meet a few of Vancouver's makers, producers and lovers of music in the latest episode of Real Vancouver, featuring: Casey Marvin of Veritas Guitars, Marcus Young of Allegra Drums and Patrick Tetreault of The Pearls/ Feng Sway Studios.

Real Vancouver: Culture (11-05-17)

Learn more about Vancouver's historic Kiggins Theatre and its role as a space for community, art, film and entertainment. 

Real Vancouver: Made in Vancouver (09-03-17)

Meet two local business owners who choose to make their products in Vancouver, Washington. 

Real Vancouver: Art (08-01-17)

Meet four local artists who are contributing to a more vibrant Vancouver.