Clark County Programming

CVTV's Clark County programming includes live and on-demand coverage of Clark County Council meetings, land use hearings and advisory board meetings, plus short Close Up and Focus features on various county programs and projects.

Clark County Council Meetings  

View full coverage of County Council meetings.               

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Clark County Board of Health Meetings

View full coverage of the Board of Health meetings.


Clark County Land Use Hearings

View full coverage of land use hearings.

Clark County Planning Commission 1-15-15
Clark County Planning Commission Meetings

View full coverage of Planning Commission meetings.


Clark County Commission on Aging

View full coverage of Commission on Aging meetings.


Veterans Advisory Board Meetings

View full coverage of board meetings.

close up 2018

Clark County Close Up

bowerman focus

Clark County Focus

Swearing in Kimsey 2015Clark County Public Events

View full coverage of county events such as swearing in ceremonies of elected officials.