City Charter Review Committee

The Charter serves as the City of Vancouver’s constitution and guides its structure and operations. The Charter requires that a committee of 15 citizens meet every five years to review the charter and recommend changes to the City Council. The committee last met in 2013. 

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Charter Review Committee (05/01/14)

Review of April 17th Notes, Review of Recommendations, Public Comment on Recommendations, Review of Report to Council, Final Approval of Recommendations and Report

Charter Review Committee (04/17/14)

Review of April 10th Notes, Priority #6 - Calculating Mayor & Council Salaries, Priority #5 - Sending Charter Recommendations Directly to the Ballot, Priority #7 - Post Service Employment, Priority #8 - Full Reading of Ordinance

Charter Review Committee (04/10/14)

Review of March 13th Notes, Priority #2 - Initiative & Referendum -Approve Wording Change, Priority #1 - Safe Seat Run, Priority #3 - Board & Commission Structure, Priority #4 - Administrative Clean_Up, Review of Remaining Schedule

Charter Review Committee (03/13/14)

Historical Perspective on Initiatives, Review of March 6th Notes, Priority #2 - Initiative & Referendum, Priority #1 - Safe Seat Run